BO IS FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE, environmentally conscious and a reformer. He has a proactive logical approach to finding solutions to stop the out of control spending, high taxes and issues of El Dorado County by being a proven leader and not afraid to stand up to the ''GOOD OL BOYS''

WE ARE FED UP with the same old phony corrupt candidates and special interests, financing their campaign's and buying their votes! Yet, every election cycle we keep voting in the same old candidates that promise us the moon and when elected it goes back to business as usual.

Bo is a small business owner of 40 plus years as an architectural designer, builder, consultant, life coach, trainer and author. He is a supporter of veterans, first responders, seniors, farmers, teachers, and equal pay for women and is now a grass roots candidate for El Dorado County Supervisor 4th District.

Bo immigrated legally to Sacramento in 1964 from Poland along with his family when he was 10 years old. With only their personal belongings they sought to pursue ''THE AMERICAN DREAM'': Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! The Ambrozewicz family quickly learned English and worked very hard to assimilate into the American Culture.

Bo started working at 12 years old doing yard work, delivering newspapers and generally aiding his family, along with his two older brothers who helped and encouraged him to achieve his success. He was raised in the Sacramento area and moved to the foothills in the 70's and lives in Greenwood, CA. Bo speaks English, Polish, and German. He has had a strong bond and working relationship with his father in the construction industry from his early teens. His father was a veteran of World War II and a prisoner of war for six years in Germany. Bo's mom always put her family first and has overcome extreme conditions of Word War II. Her influence and intelligence has shown Bo that no matter how though life gets we can overcome anything by having a plan and fighting for what we want. Bo still travels to Europe on a regular basis. Growing up, he learned the importance of a good work ethic from his parents and brothers which has helped him in his many business ventures.

As a small business owner, Bo has extensive expertise working with many government agencies as well as dealing with the laws and regulations in many counties and cities of California and their burdensome bureaucracies. He has designed and consulted with small business start ups and has designed and built custom homes as well as commercial projects. Bo has worked as a sales representative for a major wholesale building products distributor, and has owned and operated a retail store in Placer County for nine years with his mother. Bo has participated in many joint building ventures with his brother.

In college, Bo studied Business Administration. He is continually involved with seminars on business and healthy lifestyles. He is the founder of the A.B.E.L. Lifestyle Method (Attaining Balanced Efficient Lifestyle). He has written a book on this topic titled ''Reach Life's Peak'' which is a complete, interactive guide for people to achieve their goals, passions, and dreams to become successful.

Bo has been an athlete from childhood and continues to lead a very healthy and active lifestyle. He played and coached soccer for over 20 years. He holds a black belt in martial arts and teaches self defense, particularly to women and children. Bo's running career spans four decades. He has run over 600 races, including 29 California International Marathons, 25 American River 50-Mile Endurance Runs, and six Western States 100-Mile Endurance runs.

As a supporter of the community, Bo raises funds for Parkinson's Foundation and other charities, volunteers to maintain trails, and volunteered at his daughter's school from kindergarten through high school and supported all of her activities.

Bo enjoys hiking in El Dorado County and has extensive knowledge of the back country. He enjoys camping, skiing, running, cycling, traveling, playing guitar and singing. Some of the biggest joys in Bo's life has been running the California International Marathon with his daughter when she was 13 years of age, and visiting Europe with his daughter and her grandmother to share in their heritage together.

El Dorado County is my home, where I live, work and play. It would be an honor and a privilege to represent the hard working people of our district. I have been here a long time and understand our needs and how to improve our quality of life for us and for our children- Bo Ambrozewicz

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