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California's corrupt dysfunctional state legislator's are out of touch with the hard working families of California. The lobbyist run the show by spending millions financing their campaigns and buying their votes.

Democrats have the majority and pass and average of 1000 laws each year, which micro manage our lives and drive away small business. Republicans are ineffective and haven't done anything to stop them. They could put propositions on the ballot and let the voters decide, but they don't have any great ideas on how to end this gridlock and out of control spending.

Bo will reform this broken system by putting "PEOPLE BEFORE POLITICS" protect our environment and limit campaign financing. He's expert experience and leadership skills as a small business owner in designing, consulting, building homes and business' gives him the edge. He understands the laws and regulations and the negative impacts they have on all Californians. We need a reasonable efficient government that keeps us safe and doesn't over power our lives.

  • SUPPORT UNITED STATE CONSTITUTION AND ALL IT'S AMENDMENTS, This is what guarantees our freedoms.
  • INCREASE JOBS, by eliminating unreasonable regulations, taxes and fees. California has the highest tax rates and is the worst place to do business. We Need to keep business's from leaving and create a friendly business claimant for people to start small business's. We need to compete globally by giving better incentives then the other states or countries to keep good jobs & create new ones
  • EDUCATION, cost's have skyrocketed. Students have to get loans and end up in debt before they enter the job market. They can't get the classes they need and teachers are underpaid. We need to reduce tuition by 30% and give priority to Californians, not foreigners.
  • WATER STORAGE & CLEAN ENERGY, We need to create responsible water storage and sustainable conservation practices to end this drought and to be prepared for future ones. We need to use solar technology on 85% of all homes and commercial buildings in California. Anyone that has a solar system is a power producer. Currently the utilities only gives a credit of a zero balance on power bills. The excess power produced goes into the grid and the utility sells it to someone else. The utility is taking advantage by not paying the customers. We need a policy that anyone that produces solar power will be paid fair market value for the power produced. This will pay off the investment for solar systems much faster. We will get paid for being energy producers. It will revolutionize the clean solar industry and make a major difference to end fossil fuel dependency and protect our environment.
  • NO WATER TUNNELS OR TRAIN PROJECT, Instead the proposed money for both of these projects should be allocated to solving our water issues. Together these project are projected to cost about a 100 billion and already have major budget overruns, not to mentions delays. These project will end up like The Bay Bridge, which took years longer to build and cost 4 times more then projected. The steel came from China and our jobs went over there. The jobs need to stay in California for all state projects.
  • BALANCE BUDGET, by reforming & reducing government waste. Not raising our taxes or passing propositions, like proposition 30. Create more public-private partnerships which will reduce expenditures.
  • IMMIGRATION REFORM, We need to enforce our current laws and secure our borders. Stop human and drug trafficking. Create a reasonable comprehensive guest worker program to stop the black market economy.

  • PUBLIC SAFETY, needs to be a major priority. We need to be more vigilant against Terrorism, border security and human trafficking. We need to get serious about mental illness and mass shootings. Make sure our first responders have the resources to keep us safe.
  • SENIOR TAX BREAKS, When a person turns 65 they should get a 15% tax break on their home, DMV fees, state tax and medical expenses.
  • PART TIME LEGISLATURE, Sessions to be 9 months long and a 10% reduction in pay. Maximum of 2 terms and can't become a lobbyist for 6 years.
  • FOOD SAFETY, We need policies and standards to insure that all our food for human and animal consumption is safe. We should not allow GMO products in our State. Require specific labeling of all the ingredients and country of origin on all food products. This would end the manipulation of producers.
  • BIKE & PEDESTRIAN ROAD SAFETY, We have to many injuries and deaths of bicyclists & pedestrians on our roads. We need to promote safer, wider bike lanes and sidewalks on our roads. More multi use paths just for bikes and pedestrians away from car traffic to link our communities.

As an Independent I will have the flexibility to make logical and fiscally responsible policies for UNITING ALL CALIFORNIANS to revive THE AMERICAN DREAM & THE MIDDLE CLASS. Please vote for me and I will be honored to represent your concerns to improve the lives of all Californians and future generations.

Bo has the earned the endorsement of many hard working families, teachers, seniors, veterans, students, first responders, small business owners, runners and cyclists in our district. "I'm honored and thank you for your support." Bo

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