Bo Ambrozewicz On the Issues

Reevaluate-Reform-Reduce-Government Waste: To maximize accountability and efficiency to provide better opportunities for all Californians. Government isn't there to micromanage and overwhelm our lives by restricting our liberties, invading our privacy, spying on us, and extorting our money.

We Californians are fed up with being manipulated by the same worn out campaign slogans, broken promises, and 'Big Money' special interest lobbyists buying Democrat and Republican politicians and their votes! Due to their party affiliations and financial pressures they vote the party line and not in the best interest of all hard working Californians. It's time to bring back the "American Dream" by downsizing and privatizing government, by cutting taxes, and by eliminating unreasonable regulation.

It's Time To Fight Back! Cesar Chavez and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood up for the rights of the people. Now it's our turn!

Both President Kennedy and Reagan cut taxes for everyone, which improved our economy, created jobs and raised our standard of living. This is what I am proposing:

  1. THE way to resolve this incompetence, divisiveness and political theatre in the State Legislature and it's leadership is to Reset, Restart, and Rebuild California by voting out the incompetent incumbents and replacing them with nonpartisan candidates, which will work together as a team to find common ground to move California forward.
  2. MAXIMUM of two terms for Legislators. Can't become a lobbyists for 10 years after last term.
  3. CREATE a part-time legislature and a 20% cut to their salaries and the time they work.
  4. REEVALUATE all state agencies on a cost benefit basis, line by line. Eliminate the inefficient agencies. Consolidate and create public-private partnerships for most agencies on an open bid basis every four years. This will bring accountability and eliminate the waste.
  5. NO closed door meetings and hidden agenda's. All negotiation should involve all legislators and must be open to the public and media. All of Californian's elected representatives must be included in the process, NOT just a handful of dishonest cronies; our so-called leaders running OUR democracy as a dictatorship!
  6. REFORM the election process. Our sample voter ballots should be sent to us electronically because the majority of people have electronic devices, we would still send the paper ones for voters that don't. This will be of big saving on resources, paper, state labor and mail costs. Reduce filing fees not to exceed $500 for any political office. Include all candidate statements by linking them to the candidates website, thus eliminating the fees that each county charges for sample ballot candidate statements, which gives an unfair advantage to the person with the most money. This is a discriminating unfair process which prevents qualified candidates of having their voices heard. A candidate should not be allowed to spend more then three times the salary amount of the office they are seeking. Currently, candidates spend millions from the deep pocket lobbyists, thus buying the candidate.
  7. AFFORDABLE Education Reform. Reduce college tuition by 25% for U.S. students and increase it 10% for foreign students. Reduce administration pay by 10%. Our education system should promote critical thinking, creativity, innovation and analysis by being able to apply common sense principals and practical solutions. Shorten High School and College to 3 years. Streamline the process by high-tech online classes. Update curriculum to compete globally. Provide health, nutrition, physical education, math, engineering, technology, science, business, and environmental principles, plus more. Offer more R.O.P programs starting the freshman year. We need more vocational and trade schools. Provide vouchers to families so they can choose their own school and create competition. Bring control back to the local level. Reduce layers of bureaucracies and give teachers better pay based on their job performance. We have many great teachers and they don't need to spend their hard earned money to buy school supplies.


California needs to make job creation it's top priority! Seniors are taking entry level jobs in the fast food and retail industry to make ends meet and students can't find a job while being burdened with a student debt before they even enter the job market. In spite of this the legislature introduces bills every year to raise taxes and kill jobs. California is mostly made up of small business. We need incentives to create jobs and cut all taxes to compete globally. It's time to streamline, review and reform regulations that prevent job creation, without affecting public safety.

The Bay Bridge was years overdue and 6 times over budget at a cost of 6.5 billion. The steel was bought from China instead of our own mills and many of the sections were prefabricated by China's labor and shipped here. The project is still plagued with controversy: faulty bolts, bad welds, and foundation issues. It sucking up millions of taxpayer dollars in overage charges, with no end in sight! Other bridges have bolt issues as well.

Caltrans covered up and fired employees that reported the structural issues and refused to take part in the cover up. Most projects that Caltrans builds and manages are over budget and late. My supporters and I are demanding that the Attorney General assign an outside task force and a special prosecutor to do a full blown investigation of Caltrans, as well as the Legislature and Governor Brown who is ultimately responsible. We need to put these people under oath and get to the bottom of this, because there could be criminal conduct and this could be seriously endangering the public. Caltrans needs to be restructured and most of it's services should be privatized and subcontracted on an open bid basis.

  1. I am against the 'The High Speed Train To Nowhere!' Unless we put our current politicians on it with a one way ticket, and they can take their baggage with them! The price tag started at 46 billion and is already over 68 billion and growing. The project is plagued with lawsuits. Governor Brown wants to use the carbon tax credit money to help finance it. WHOA! That's more money robbed from your pocket! That money is meant to be used to improve our environment and current infrastructure, not finance boondoggles! As the recent drought crises makes abundantly clear, we need to focus on our state's water resources. We must solve our water situation now for our future generations. We must also focus on the Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego and other major population centers to improve traffic, relieve gridlock, and resolve overcrowding. Plan our communities with bike paths to connect our cities, gardens and recreation areas while promoting a healthy environment. We must get our citizens involved. We need places where kids can go outside and play without fear of being hurt, maimed or killed.
  2. The 28 billion plus, 'Water Tunnel Project' is another government boondoggle raping our resources with no end date in sight and unknown costs. An ecological disaster of The Delta is in the making. Governor Brown could have solved our water issues in the 70's during his first, two- term go-around! He didn't address the real issue then and, in the past 3 years, he continued to avoid the real issue by promoting his pipe-dream of water tunnels. We need sound environmental policies for more water storage capacity in the high country by expanding our current system includes capturing run off in the valley. We need to build more desalination plants. All of our landscaping and water usage should conform to the different micro climates so we don't waste our most precious resource.
  3. When elected I will put a stop to the high speed train to nowhere, and the water tunnel project. We will save about 90 BILLION. I will propose to use part the carbon tax money to solve the water issue and won't support another bond to solve the problem.
  4. Our State Parks hid 55 million dollars from the public for years and raised the use fees. We fork over enough of our earning is taxes and fees. Our parks should be free to use to promote a healthy lifestyle for us and our kids. To help with maintaining our parks, we should promote public service projects through the use of eligible prisoners, student activist and civically minded volunteers.


This January Governor Brown proposed a new budget of about $108 billion with an 8.5% increase over last year. We just had another so called temporary tax hike and here they go again, growing California government at our expense and giving the Legislature a 5% raise while our jobs and wages are being cut and healthcare insurance is going through the roof. California's budget is a manipulation of data and unrealistic expectations of revenue! It doesn't take into account the long term obligation nor retirement requirement of our government workers; which could be over $300 billion.

A balanced budget means no deficit nor surplus (Basic Economics 101). Any surplus should be refunded to tax payers, paying down long term debt, and covering the retirement obligations of our government workers.

We are required to live within our means, so should the state. This needs to be done in a responsible way, without jeopardizing public safety, essential services, and classroom spending. We need to audit all agencies and put in real reforms to eliminate waste. The legislature and governor should not get paid and should also pay a daily fine for every day that the budget is late!


I won't support any legislation that raises taxes on our families and businesses. Period! California has some of the highest taxes of any state and the most incompetent Legislature and Leadership. Why would anyone want to do business in California with such an environment? Thousands of good paying jobs and businesses have departed to other states and overseas. We need reforms NOW! Streamline the tax code of California and of our nation! Replace the state income and sales tax with a truly fair, tax system of no more then 15%. That way everyone pays only for what they use.

  1. Reduce Property Tax by 50%. This tax base would be transferrable to our families so long as it is a primary residence, and the new residential property tax rate should be a 1/2 of 1% of the sale price of the property, which would stay at that rate so long as the person owns the property. No additional supplemental taxes would be allowed against our properties. Period! This would encourage home ownership to grow the middle class. These are our homes and not a Cash Cow for the Government.
  2. Repeal the fire tax.
  3. Accelerate business investment depreciation by 50%.
  4. Reduce building permits by 50% and streamline the system to revive the construction industry and people will start building again.
  5. Wave all fees for new businesses for the first year. Reduce all fees by 25% for all existing businesses. This will get people excited about starting a business in California.
  6. Senior citizen 65 appreciation plan. When a person turns 65 years old. The property tax for their primary residence will decrease to 65%. Vehicle registration will decrease to 65%. No death, probate or inheritance tax. People will be able to transfer all their assets to family members without any kind of tax. Period! Free public transportation to all senior citizens 65 and older.
  7. Immigration reform. We have millions of people working under the table which has created a two tier economy and social class system. These people are just like slaves and have no rights. Human trafficking is the Modern Slave Trade. Discrimination against minorities and the poor still continues. Prostitution and the drug trade need to stop. Both Cesar Chavez and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. worked to UNITE people and END discrimination, we need to continue down that path for equality and justice for all Californians. Our borders need to be respected and enforced to prevent 911 type attacks.The undocumented among us need to step up and come forward. Pay a fine, take a background check and pay to get I.D. cards and work permits, have insurance and a license to drive. They need to pay taxes, obey all our laws like we do and get in the back of the line to become citizens. Instead of the 5 year waiting period it would be 7 years and they need to pass the citizen test and speak English. Migrant worker's should have work permits, pay taxes, have their own health insurance and respect the laws of the U.S.A. When we create a comprehensive guest worker program this will eliminate most of the border problems. Our country welcomes people from all over the world. With that comes the responsibility to be honest while respecting all nationalities and races, as well as speaking and writing our common, unifying English language. Most of all we all must respect and support our Constitution, politicians included.

Governor Brown is out of touch and so is the legislature. He has been a politician most of his life and has no clue of what hard working Californians and businesses have endured during his 3 terms. At his State of the State speeches he talks down to us with his fairytale stories and toy props. This is an insult to our intelligence, he is like a dictator talking down to the slaves. His answer is to enslave us with more taxes. My supporters call him "Scary Jerry the fairytale Governor" because of his more tax and spending policies and that he is seeking a 4th term. This is kind of like what Vladimir Putin is doing in Russia. WOW!

As Governor I will have an open door policy and uphold the Constitution of the United States and California, including ALL amendments; unlike Governor Brown.

I will work to unite all Californians - Democrat, Republican, Independent and more - and invite and include all groups to participate in open discussion to bring about positive results in the best interest of all our citizens. We need to fix our economy, create great jobs, reform healthcare and eduction, all of which should be the best in the world. Our seniors shouldn't have to spend their last penny to maintain a meager existence. We need to protect our environment to have clean air, water, energy, and safe food without GMO and poison preservatives and chemicals. No nuclear power plants!

To solve our energy crisis, our policies must encourage the greater use of solar and other alternative energy sources to power our cars, homes and business, thus reducing the pressure on our electric grid and natural resources. I don't support oil fracking because it destroys our groundwater table. The oil is sold on the open market and doesn't stay in the U.S. That is why our gas prices are high.

Many cities are bankrupt, families are struggling, but the state is wasting our money on fancy buildings with offices of brass, marble, granite, massive glass entries, elaborate architecture and extravagant cost overruns, while driving fancy vehicles, wasting resources and sucking up energy. It's time to have a HUGE GOVERNMENT REDUCTION SALE of everything that isn't needed; of land not being used and equipment being underused. It's time to downsize the waste! As a Designer and Builder I know I can save Billions by offering a better way.

We can raise revenue by making California a job friendly state. Focus on a Functional, Productive Legislature. Create jobs. Alleviate our large trade imbalance. Increase our exports. Stop trading with countries that deny basic human rights while enjoying our freedoms and free money. Provide incentives to the high-tech industry to keep our best jobs here.

Enough of this corruption, divisiveness and lies. We don't have a revenue problem. Governor Brown, the legislators and our so-called 'LEADERS' have a spending Addiction.

Right now each party blames the other for the dysfunctional and incompetent policies. They create divisivness by using scare tactics, racism and the fabrication of issues to divide us while discrediting people who have worked hard to achieve their dreams; labeling them as some sort of evil. When I, like so many others, complete a grueling hundred mile trek, I would like to feel good about my achievement - not be demonized for it. The same should be for those who work just as hard. My attitude is not to blame, but to bring people together and offer a better solution for any issue.

I invite ALL the people of California to Unite and Take Charge to ensure that we all have a great future. Please join our team.

"Bo" for California Governor 2018”, the REAL PEOPLE'S CANDIDATE AND OUR GRASS- ROOTS CAMPAIGN to win this fight. By volunteering, creating your own groups, networking with all your family members, friends and every person you know. Let's use all the tools available to us. Let the people's voice be heard and seen all over social media. Let's raise the funds for our cause. We will send our message LOUD AND CLEAR that we've had enough of living with corrupt, crooked, cronie, good ol' boy politicians and their lies.The government doesn't control the people. Rather "We the People" control the government! California is the most beautiful state with greatest, best and smartest people. We will make California #1 again, for us, our children and our grandchildren. Let's revive the middle class. Let all of us live and share in "The American Dream of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!"

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